Ala-lila taxi service by Logidis Ltd provides reliable, convenient and secure taxi transportation services in Mauritius. Fast booking, competitive rate and good customer service are advantages of Ala-lila.

Yes, you will have to register first in order to start using the Ala-lila mobile App. A valid email address and mobile number will be required so that whenever you make a taxi booking though the Ala-lila taxi service, we can send you the allocated taxi details by SMS and email.

You can make a taxi booking via the Ala-lila mobile App available on Google Play and Apple App Store as well as through the Ala-lia website:

When making a booking on the Ala-lila app or Ala-lila website, simply enter your pick up location, date and time followed by your destination address. The fare for the trip will then be displayed before you proceed with the booking confirmation.

Once your booking is confirmed and a taxi has been allocated, you will receive the details of the taxi as well as the taxi driver name and contact number by SMS and email.

On the Ala-lila app, you can track the current location of your taxi from the pickup address. Details of the taxi driver will also be sent to you upon confirmation of your booking so that you can contact the taxi to confirm expected time of arrival. For any further assistance, you can call the Ala-lila hotline at 8959.

If you have already made a booking, please contact the Ala-lila hotline at 8959 at the earliest for any modification or cancellation.

Yes, you can make a taxi booking in advance and when your booking is confirmed, you will be notified accordingly and the taxi details will be sent to you by SMS and email. Note that a taxi will be allocated as from 3 hours prior to the requested pick up time. If no taxi is available at latest 20 minutes prior to the requested pick up time, the booking will automatically cancelled and you will be notified.

You will receive a confirmation SMS and Email including the details of taxi as well as the taxi driver name and contact number within 3 hours prior to the requested pick up time. However, if you do not receive any confirmation SMS or Email at latest 30 minutes prior to the requested pick up time, please call our Ala-lila hotline at 8959 for assistance.

The Ala-lila Taxi booking service is available between 06:00 and 20:00 daily. If you will need to book a taxi for pick up after 20:00 for a specific day, please make an advance booking before 18:00 on that day.